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Maybe I am reading the intention of some posts wrong. I am hoping we have some unclear humor and this thread is not degrading into a bully IP thing.

As some of the thread drifts towards a validation of what is IP, I think criticizing posters for not publishing "sufficient" information about their understanding of IP is inappropriate. If the comments are a little too dry, let's clarify when we are joking.

There are previous posts on this topic, many posted by IP proponents no longer on this forum. There are current threads containing IP content. Now we need to see videos. Great. Ledyard and Gleason both have DVDs for sale in which they address basic introduction material. Better yet, attend a seminar. You call BS? Visit the man and check yourself. You'll either be right or wrong.

I think right now any discussion on this stuff sits under a cloud of judgment just waiting to find the "a ha" moment which someone will use to discredit IP [in their mind]. It takes a lot a courage to post on this topic. It takes a lot of thinking to articulate on a basic level what is happening. There is no conspiracy to withhold information. This is new and exciting stuff that changes every time I have a conversation with someone. You gonna bust my balls because I don't feel safe enough to publish my personal training notes for you to tear down?

If you don't believe this stuff, God bless you. The beauty of Aikiweb is there are several threads to which we can contribute. But I would much rather foster a community encouraging people working with AIki/IP to express what they are feeling and how they are progressing their understanding of what is going on. You think its BS? Fine, then post back what we do in all the other threads when people talk about the weird s$%t they do, "That sounds interesting. Good luck with your training." I do not enjoy sounding like my mother, but I think 6 directions is incredibly important to aiki and I do not want posters to feel intimidated in sharing what they have picked up...including me.

That sounds interesting. Good luck with your training.
I don't want to harp on it, but this post should be directed as much to the proponents of "IP/IT/IS" as it should be to its supposed detractors.

"Through aiki we can feel the mind of the enemy who comes to attack and are thus able to respond immediately." - M. Mochizuki
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