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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

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So Aikido is a martial art, spiritual path and a philosophical practice.

What is the Aikido spirituality and Aikido philosophy that you must practice to make your martial art Aikido?

The answer to that is...aikido!You have to practice aikido in an aikido dojo.There, through training you learn aikido's basics such as posture, ballance, ukemi waza(how to fall in order not to be injured by the tori's technique), seiza(aikido's basic sitting position) and slowly through weapon's training and unarmed techniques(and every other possible combination) you learn how to apply aikido's basic principles using aikido techniques in order to be able to defend yourself without using force or violence.All of that is aikido training.Practical and esoteric aspects all one and the same.And as you keep on practicing they become second nature...
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