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Re: Physical Tension - Another Thought

At the risk of agitating Mike some more, let's continue thinking out loud..

1. David, what's the point of having motor nerves fire action potentials that are not enough to fire the muscle? How is it different than firing no action potentials at all? Is this regarding the body being on the verge of moving but still not yet moving?

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post
Do you think that the body has to be sufficiently changed/prepared in order to be able to use this state efficiently/productively?

I think yes, and that part of the changing results in you being able to separate the 2 things you discuss.
Keep in mind this idea that there are 2 things is not a fact or anything, just a mental model.. but my answer would be that learning to separate these 2 types of commands is part of the metamorphosis. It would be a learning process. At some point down the road muscles have to come back into it, because they are our force-generators, even if ki is our force-director.. so how "to use this state" is probably much more complicated than the process of discovery/exploration that I am thinking about.
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