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Re: Another harassment question

So Mary, does that mean it's ok to condemn a man because it is based on a third party's POV? It isn't the reason why there are courts and trials?

Oh yea, but I forgot this sensei is to be used as an example of the degradation and the lack of rights of women some 128 year ago (Mott died in 1880 at 87 years old).

Mary just to update you, society has moved on, and drastically has changed since the 1800's. Women not only are allowed to vote but hold high political and corporate offices. We no longer have a slave trade. Our president-elect well has forefathers who where slaves.
Times have changed since 1800's and even since 1960. But what hasn't changed is assumptions and character assassination.

I could have a gay male sensei who comes on to me in the same way as Tom28 has described here, and I found it just as offensive, and discriminating as you do in the Tom28 case. With my reaction against it being the same way as yours in the Tom28 case, as well. Having the same drive for justice for all men not to be degraded sexually by a gay man, as you do for women, I would be condemned and shamed as a homophobic. Does Mott's quote include me, or just you. Please don't consider me a male chauvinist sexist pig because I am not going to assassinate a man's character based on his approach to women in 2008, or diminish the worth of a woman's character (as being a helpless victim who needs to be saved) because a third party's view point. The issue is about Tom28, and not about anything else.

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