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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Chris Hein's thesis is similar to what a yangstyle taijiquan instructor (not master) said to me years ago, he said that taiji masters moved in an optimal way and that great baseball players, great athletes, moved the same way. Internal training was *just* learning to move very efficiently.

Even back then I knew enough, had seen enough, to realize that was bunk. I knew that teacher didn't have anything to share with me, and he would never have anything to share with me.

If there was as much overlap between the two ways of moving, external and internal, then we'd have a LOT more internal martial arts masters than we do. It would mean that almost everybody who trains hard in an external art, especially a soft art, for enough time will have and be able to show internal power. But that isn't the case. What Hein needs to do is explain why we don't have many folks who can demonstrate internal power if training it is so much like training external arts.

One last comment, on Mike's blog. Reading what he is writing and thinking you get it is different from actually getting it, thus the frequent admonition that one should get one's a** out to see folks who can actually show you.

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