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Re: Omoto-kyo Theology

I'm really a light weight in this area, but it seems to me that

a) for the ritual to have the greatest personal meaning to the individual, the individual must be a full participant

which does not negate

b) the aikido praxis itself operating as a general rite from which all benefit at some level.

a) is better, but maybe b) suffices in the interim? There are styles of aikido (Yoshinkan, Shodokan) which pretty much eshew the Shinto/Omoto paradigm. I personally am not sure how that then is resolved in terms of this discussion. Even some Aikikai teachers focus on Zen, as opposed to Omoto.

I would also suggest that the silence (deafening or not) is the result of this being an extremely difficult area to get one's head around. Someone with Peter's or David's background may find this kind of topic relatively accessable. Personally....well, as I said, I'm a lightweight in this area. Anyhoo....


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