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Re: Senshusei course

Jamie Kenyon wrote: View Post
would you recommend trying to get some yoshinkan experience in this time?

Yes. no question.

You need to try aikido in a Yoshinkan before you spend 5,000 quid to uproot your life and travel half way around the world, live in a small crappy apartment, and work in a mind numbing job teaching english just so you can train in it for a year.

Are you in the UK? There are more than a few Yoshinkan dojo's in the UK. Especially if you are in London. Paul Stevens and Eva Stauffer are among the many. Both did the course, Paul was an instructor for mine.

You might ask why you really need to try some Yoshinkan - 2 examples. In my course we had a guy sign up who had done some sort of Ki-Aikido for many years, but he pretty much hated every minute of the course and quit after about 5 days. He didn't like the fact that some of the people in the dojo: smoked, drank softdrinks, swore. He liked the idea of the course, but didn't know what he was getting into.

Second example: a woman from Japan visited my dojo a couple of weeks ago. She had done aikikai for a few years in an Osaka dojo. After watching us for an hour her comment was "We try to be more harmonious in my dojo " which was a nice way of saying "you are brutes"


Michael Kimeda
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