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Re: Practicing Ikea

LOL that is too funny David. But where is the Key? Does it really exist?
Key cannot be seen... only felt. Which is why I am having such a hard time finding mine amongst all the sofa cushions.It does not help at all that I am continually tripping over the footstools while attempting to assemble the various parts that came packed in those silly flat boxes. Fortunately the Skydda mattress is deep so I'm not getting hurt when I land.

Our shoe rack by the dojo door is falling apart because of this problem. If our shoe rack is not strong, how can our Ikea be strong?

Really it all comes back to the hex key. If we learn to use its power our shoe rack can become strong.

David you have gone above and beyond! Awesome illustration you have helped me to understand the meatball waza immensely now I can see how all of the parts form a whole.
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