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Re: Practicing Ikea

In short, no meatballs = no Ikea.

Sure, most people are satisfied eating a cheap hotdog and chips on the way out. Especially after getting lost in the veritable jungle of possibilities that comprises modern Ikea. But we have to ask ourselves - did the Founder live off of hotdogs, or meatballs?
Oh my! Thank you for the perfect topper to a great night of training.

Speaking of jungles of possibilities tonight techniques focused on the various ways to enter and blend with a revolving door...aka Ushiro Tekubitori.....
I found it particularly difficult to make the sudden changes of direction required in the Kot-racke-gaeshi version. I kept finding myself back outside the building rather than managing to actually get inside. Perhaps I needed more meatballs or maybe a bigger key?

You know the crazy thing is I have yet to step into an actual Ikea store... and today ,of all days, I get one of their catalogs in the mail.

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