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Practicing Ikea

Its no big secret that I practice Aikido among my friends and co-workers. Every day I walk into work and soon a conversation something like this occurs....

Manager: "Here comes Cherie, you know she practices that Ikea... hows that coming along?"

Me: "Oh not too bad, my sofa waza is really improving. And you should really see my coffee table technique."

Co worker1 :" have you moved up to Futons yet?"

Me: "oh not I'm not nearly ready to test for Futon but I'm seriously considering getting an akita. And I am really working on finding my key. I lost it the other day, in among the pillows I think."

Overly macho male co worker: "Show me some of that Ikea"

Me/shrugs ,"ok", walks over and hold out hand: Co worker takes it acting a bit worried. I make a good strong connection, shake his hand say," nice to meet you", and a very confused and slightly deflated ego slowly walks away..

I like practicing Ikea. how about you?
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