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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

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What does this "internal" you guys talk about do differently?

Is it for long life and health? If so, don't you think people who live athletic lifestyles will live longer and be healthier?

Is it about using the body to maximum efficiency? If so don't you think that the multibillion dollar industry that is the NFL has their guys at maximum efficiency?

Honestly if what you guys think you are doing is so different and so powerful, why wouldn't top level athletes be doing it?

I'm not saying that what you are doing doesn't work. and I'm not saying it's not good. I'm just saying it's not unique, and not that uncommon.

However if you guys are talking about special tricks of leverage, and special little chi/ki "tests". And some breathing exercises and making chi circle your dan tien. Then no, top level athletes probably don't do/know those things. They probably don't know them because there are more clear and effective ways to gain the same things you are gaining.
Some of this stuff has been taught to pro athletes before, someone else posted an article earlier about Tohei and japanese baseball, and Arsenio Advincula was hiredas a body mechanics/defensive line coach and taught the chargers the Okinawan interpretation of these skills for about 7 years. (They went to the superbowl his final year, then fired him and didnt go back for ~10 years.) Advincula said that the guys who started to "get it" had longer careers than those who didn't. He gave examples of people who did at one of his seminars, but I forgot the names.

There is a difference between muscular power and what people refer to as internal or qi power, however it has to really be felt to be appreciated. In my own experiences, people vastly overestimate the amount of bodyweight as well has stability that they are using in any sort of technique.

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