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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

George and Mark
In either case the change will be slow. George's admonition to get out and feel is step one. And that requires someone, preferably more than one- who is worth going to meet and feel. Step two is probably more important. After you are satisfied that you have met someone with demonstrable skills. Ask to meet his students!!

Murray and Ron made a rather surprising but eye opening statement after dinner with us. They said their hope wasn't in me. They were prepared to meet yet another person with skills. But so what? We've all felt guys who were amazing or told were amazing blah blah blah.
Their hope was in my young guys who could not only do-but teach it. Murray commented in -the internal power in your aikido thread- that is was a sure sign that it can be taught and learned. I've had my full of guys who can't or won't teach. "So and so is great but they don't know what they're doing or can't explain it."
At some point you just have to stop caring. Good on them, what about you?
Then you have guys who are just starting to train this stuff and are now "teaching others" what they barely know!! Now their students are going to all run down a half baked trail. I'm trying to stay small. I opened the doors for the first time in my life and I am hoping for guys like us who just do the work and stay away from, and don't feel the pull or the "need" to teach.

Its probably safe to say we are going to run into this stuff being practiced half-assed like everything else we touch. And in the fullness of time even this will suck like most everything else we do.
Again I'm keeping my eye out for those interested in research in several places, to put together and maintain something that remains exceptional. Even the small amount of men now training with me weekly are having doubts about showing anyone for along while. They seem to have a good sense of propriety and respect for others they can lead astray.
In short it can be good days ahead-or more of the same.
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