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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

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Perhaps, but I've not seen anything they've said so far that is not still a part of aikido (admittedly not all of it perhaps
So you once again agree

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Having an outside perspective can be helpful but there seem to me to be plenty of insiders with a similar perspective. Given that I've not heard Dan or Mike say anything much more than what I already knew to be true.
It will be interesting to meet and see if that is indeed true. I've heard it before. So far, sadly, its always been dissapointing. I've not met anyone in Akido who -actually- has the level of skills I am pursuing. But I am hopeful. I'll research and find some Ki society people. Then see if they can use it in motion in full resistance, then with kicks, punches, chokes and body slams, and maintain it. You know Like you and I do with guys slamming us in MMA attacks and groundwork. You know, the level of understanding that you and I both share from experience.........
As I said , I'm excited. Any suggestions? Since you know everything I discuss- and really haven't heard anything new-
Can I start with you?
Do you know anyone over here in New England who trains like you and I, who also knows everything you know? Seeing how there are so many on the "inside" of Aikido -as you say- they must be all over the place. I was actually a bit shocked to hear this, but hey-good news for me. Do you know where they would be? I'm always up for good training.

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I find myself once again wondering why they are here standing on the edge pissing in my pool. Just seems plain rude to me, even if they have good aim.
1.First you agreed that what we are discussing is not in all Aikido Meaning others do not know this
2. Then you argued that Tohei is in fact Aikido- not something different so that makes -all- in aikido your peers

As for me doing Aikido and discussing it.
Last time I checked you didn't own the pool. You're just a small fish in it. I find it interesting that so many of YOUR peers disagree with you. In fact we-are training together regularly.... doing Aikido.
I think I will continue to practice Aikido any time I wish, and with whomever I wish. I don't really think you have the authority to govern who trains here. Is that your function in Europe or the UK? I don't think these Aikido teachers who are your seniors do either. I'll have to check. I don't want to step on toes

You are a rather young man. Most of the Aikido practitioners training with me are older then you and many are teachers. You're speaking above your pay grade and being rude at that.
Again, thanks for the uplifting and postive interaction your Aikido teachers have instilled in you. Always nice to read your words about your knowledge and training. Thanks again for your positive contributions here at Aikiweb.
When do you think we can meet and you can show me your Aikido. I'd be happy- at my poor level to learn more of Aikido from you. In fact I look forward to it. There are more then a few fifteen years guys who train with me who would be thrilled with nay new information I can bring back from you Mike. Maybe they would like to come see your stuff and maybe even see us train together too.
Thanks again.

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