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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Could it also be possible that what they are describing only sounds like what you are thinking of? It's natural for people to look for a common point of reference. Unfortunately, words are often limited in their ability to describe physical sensations and effects.
The cry that keeps coming up on these forums is "You really just have to feel it" to have a true common point of reference. There is a lot of veracity in that exhortation.

As for rudeness, these infernal internet forums are notorious for being poor vehicles of emotion and sentiment. Things said bluntly but without malice, often come out sounding hostile or rude. I have met people who seemed obnoxious online but, when I encountered them in person they were kind, pleasant people. Open and honest, pulling no punches in what they think, but never intentionally unkind or rude. I tend to give the benefit of the doubt until proven sorely mistaken and grossly naive.
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