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David Yap
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Re: For Ted Ehara - Boundary of your aikido?

Dennis Hooker wrote:
Actually I am saying it never was (a martial art).
Oh my kami. You make me realize that that I have been wearing those white pajamas for the past 13 years assuming all the time that it was a martial art. No wonder at some of the dojo I attended, the instructor would give me a funny look and told me that I was attacking him wrongly.

I may have to consider whether I need to train again. If aikido is not a MA, then I shouldn't be committed with the "attacks" and I should be more charitable with the falls, I might as well fall voluntarily. Aah! This explains the no-touch throws in some of the dojo too.

About tonight's class, I think I will stay at home and spend some aiki time with the family. I will probably laze about and watch some TV. What's the difference being a couch potato and being a bag of potatoes in the dojo?

On a serious note, Nidai Doshu said that Aikido is Bu Do (martial way) and according to you it was never a martial art. The aiki in Ai Ki Do is not the aiki of martial art. Can anyone grasp spiritual aiki without understanding martial aiki? The path to spiritual aiki is by way of martial aiki. The recent threads address the martial aiki of aikido and I appreciate all contributions from ppl within and without the aikido circle to help me at this level of the Path.

Why do we put boundary on knowledge of aikido? Worst still,why do you put boundary on your students' aikido?

David Y

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