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Re: techniques in street fights

Liam Smith wrote:
would Shomenuchi Eacheo irimi work in a street fight? Would the attacker attack shomenuchi? Or would he just punch or kick? Or would this happen to you ? seeing as I'm a yellow belt please excuse my stupid\ignorant questions
Work is slow today so I have got some time to kill before shift end, so please allow me to answer your questions:-

Q1) Would Shomenuchi Ikkyo Irimi work in a street fight?
A1) Yes. So would any aikido tech that are short, sharp and simple. Think atemi atemi atemi. In a street altercation... go for simple technique.

Q2) Would the attacker attack shomenuchi?
A2) Shomenuchi represent the vertical overhead strike. Yes, I believe it does happen. Beer bottle overhead strike is an example of shomenuchi, ice pick stab is also another example.

Q3) Or would he just punch or kick?
A3) Yeah, why not? As long your opponent has feet and fists, why not?

Q4) Or would this happen to you ?
A4) Dead or alive, not entirely up to mortals, Some divine presence upstairs control issues such as that. However, luck favours those who are prepared.

In a street fight, probably the biggest issue is intent. You must be mentality prepared to bring the opponents down. Going in half hearted will result in your disadvantage, no matter how technically skilled you are. So before you decide on confrontation... size up what and who you are up against. If your intuition tells you that you can defeat him, go for it. if your intuition tells you otherwise, back down and live to fight another day. Oh, don' t forget to train and hone your skill in your dojo when not in street fight.


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