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Re: Trans Inclusive Aikido

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Erick,
What is a New Inquisiton?Is it some kind of Auto Da Fe?
Aiki da fe

Again the phrase overt , anterior vulnerabilities the other lacks. KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMON when you write an article.
I coulda said "Chicks ain't got balls to bash." Seems kinda crude put like that. The truth of the matter is actually painfully crude -- and important in a fight.

But I guess I assumed that those that prefer the trans-cis-meta circumlocutions around the cruder truths of the world might prefer more circumspect language -- and we aims ta please.

But your point is well taken. A difficult chasm to bridge, I'll grant you -- hard to find firm foundations on the other side of it. It is hard to keep up when a self-identified "black" woman of apparently pure "white" ancestry cannot be genuinely "black" -- but a world class Olympic male athlete now self-identifying as "female" must be a genuine "woman." I confess the confusion - although I am not certain it is mine to own.


Erick Mead
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