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Scott Harrington
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Re: yamato ryu

Irrelevant right back at you.

I love to train and I love to do research (even though I do not speak Japanese). While Sato Kinbei may call his art Daiwa (a variant translation of Yamate), one of his main instructors (he also studied some Hakko ryu I heard) was Oba Ichio.

Oba Ichio taught under the name Takeda ryu and Sato Kinbei studied under him but never received complete transmission of the ryu. There was no Daiwa at that time, being a name recreation of Sato Kinbei.

You ask, Scott, how do you know that? Well, I have a copy of a Shodan certificate for a westerner who studied in the early 1950's DIRECTLY under Oba Ichio. No Yamato but also no DAIWA.

Now researchers have debated who Oba Ichio studied under but that is another matter. I have a lineage chart somewhere I'll look up.

And Oba is mentioned by the author of "The Secret Teachings of Self Defense", not Sato.
Scott Harrington
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