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Re: yamato ryu

Hey, Ellis nitpicky right back. The book in question uses the term Yamato, mainline Daito ryu has talked about the Yamato name, and while Takeda Sokaku may have been illiterate, Kotaro Yoshida with his private library wasn't.

The trouble in researching Japanese things is the Japanese language. I can read the US Constitution (1787) in D.C. with a little trouble with the S's and F's. A document from the 1920's gives a native Japanese speaker the willies. When I research Civil War military manuals (1860's), I may see words not commonly used today (a shame) but I can read it and understand it.

I brought in a turn of the century Jiu Jitsu manual (1900's) to class and all the native (NATIVE) speakers went crazy drawing characters on their palm trying to get the small details. And one of them had been a professional translator. When I look up terms to search I hate it when four variants pop up and then the old 'obsure' noun means a few more to find.

Name changes seem to be the trend for Daito ryu from Takeda himself to Ueshiba with different names and Aikibudo, etc. to Daiwado ryu to Hakko ryu to Takeda ryu to Hakko ryu to Aikido.Now it certainly makes things interesting, but why couldn't Musashi speak English? Then the "Book of Five Rings" wouldn't come thru the translator as the "Book of the Olympics." (true story)

Scott Harrington

ps. nice links - thanks, now I have to look up Daiwado.
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