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Re: Should aikido evolve?

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
And on the other hand: The aikikai intentionally didn't want to integrate those aspects into it's aikido. That's why ther was a parting of the ways.

Just a hypothetical scenario.

Basically I spent the past couple days trying to understand the various nuances between styles...trying to understand a bit of 'Aikido History'.

At the end of the day, each of the various arts within Aikido, actually seemed to focus on certain aspects. (i.e., weapons, mixed arts, randori, etc.)

The fact of the matter is that I would love to incorporate all the various aspects, (strengths), of these organizations into my personal Aikido.

But, when I looked at the Aikikai, I didnt really see anything that 'stuck out' that the others did not offer, and more.

The only thing that 'popped out', as it were, was the fact that they are the face of Aikido, so to speak, and it would seem people have a higher chance of running into an Aikika affiliated dojo. (Not going into schools that have no affiliation to anyone.)

So, idealistically, it would be cool if that which is already established could unite the various aspects.

But as you pointed out, that is why the others left the Aikikai...though as I dig through the history, its not all that clear.
After reading an interview with Tohei, it seems to say that after the Aikikais initial rejection of his Ki classes - where they told him out of the dojo only - that there was a change of mind, but he said...'to late'.

Neither here nor there...As I pointed out somewhere, (as I brought this up in another thread as well), it all starts in the individual.

More and more people appear to be learning across styles: Saito, Tohei, Sioda, etc. So as more people do this, to make their Aikido more will reflect in the outside world as well.
Maybe the Aikikai will adapt and change, but more than likely something new will come and evolve.

Im quite psyched about the possibilities with Aikido after having looked at the different styles though...some cool potential there if you can harness all that, and integrate it.



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