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Re: internal skills progress?

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
damn! I am already committed to a week in DC for a summer camp (aikido) the end of June which blows my budget out of the window. I won't be able to make Akuzawa seminar. Although, since I'll be in DC for a whole week, I am willing to bribe with dinner and drink for you gentlemen and ladies that could show moi the internal ropes (so I can hang myself).
Thanks ahead.
Find the money... it's worth it. The great thing about what Akuzawa is teaching is that you can take it with you and work on it on your own. It's all about doing the work. It's hard work but completely comprehensible. I agree with Mark that you shouldn't miss this.

On the other hand I am teaching at DC Camp and I think that Mark's comments about camps don't reflect the proper way to get the most out of events like that. There will be some very senior folks at the camp teaching, some of whom are quite excellent at instructing. The best training is obtained by working with these folks as partners. Grab them and ask to do a class or half a class. If you can't get on their dance card, grab them after class and ask questions. You can get virtually private instruction doing this. Ask if they could work with you during the lunch break on whatever you want to get help on... That's the way to really come away from the large events with something tangible. Go after the knowledge you want, don't just sit there and do the standard group thing... I can't think of any instructor who would say no to working with you at some point. The "hungry" folks get fed.

But do train with Akuzawa Sensei and grab Rob as frequently as you can as a partner. These guys have a VERY clear and sequential training methodology. Seminars like this are why God created plastic! Remember, you are not broke as long as you have balance available!

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