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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

I actually don't mean "selfish" to be a negative. It's simply a fact, that to be the top level in any discipline, to be head and shoulders above the rest, an individual most be very self focused and disciplined.

People are who they are, and those who are born with a prediliction for this personality trait will express it in whatever discipline they come into that "speaks" to them. What discipline "speaks" to them, may be heavily influenced by nurture as well as nature,. So, someone who grew up in violent surroundings, such as Takeda, might be drawn to MA/fighty related disciplines, while another who grew up in an academic or musical household might become a scientist, scholar, musician or artist. But the trait for drive is inborn, I believe. Other aspects of personality, such as being "nice" or "unpleasant" are just that -- other aspects or traits. They have nothing to do with the trait of being driven.

I will say again, too, that IME and IMO, aiki/IP are a tool, nothing more and nothing less. They're not some kind of Kryptonite or magical Horcrux that warp all who touch it. But who you are can influence how you use and express it.

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