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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

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No, really, there was a culture of abuse in the Imperial Army.
Yes, but when talking about individuals; which came first?
There is a reason to look at Draegers work (hoplology) on various countries behaviors in war. What might be in their cultural norms that would allow certain acts, that would not be in others.

To remain on point, I think that there is no evidence to link the training in internal power to someones behavior. And no three people should be any example of a norm. Nor is there enough evidence to make any causal link to their prior behavior being a causal factor to attain power either. Again, I wonder that this is simply an excuse for those who do not possess any unusual power to explain why they don't; those that had it were unusual, talented, great men, or weird bizarre people who had the time. To me all of this simply avoids the fact that it just wasn't widely taught (hence -they- simply don't know) or when it was taught not all put in the work required.

And yes, I submit that;
a. It was their internal training that made them exceptional. Their spiritual pursuits did nothing to aid in their budo power
b. it can be taught and normal people can become exceptional.
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