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Re: Diff. styles, 1 Aikido

Nice articles and really beg the question where to from here?
I've been training long enough to see the ebb and flow of a few organisations and some number of dojo with it. It seems that keeping links to Japan alive is something challenging to preserve and develop, but what to do if its severed or never existed in the first place? That finding teachers with something to teach is a diminishing pool of talent the longer you practice. That at some point nearly everyone wants to be king.

Rhizome seems to be a good organic solution that exists informerly. Its interestingly today that more that a few organisations profess this kind of thinking but maybe is a front end for the usual hierachy.

One solution might be to go the way of the ninja. Take the dan grades at hombu up to 15-dan, then offer any aiki ryuha soke a generous belt and certificate (under some conditions) and have a worldwide group aikihug


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Hi all,

There is always something about coincidences - coincidentally, these two just crop up in the Aikido Journal blogs while we were on this subject:

Interview with Doshu & Moriteru Ueshiba and
Aikido - Hierarchy versus Rhizome

Read on

David Y

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