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Re: Diff. styles, 1 Aikido

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
But if you branch off on your own with different ideas then it seems kind of odd to want to be included under the old definition. Doesn't that belittle Tomiki's contributions? I would think that you should be proud to be classed separately.
Afaik Tomiki developed his competitive method and saw it as part of the Aikikai training system initially - it was even taught to Aikikai dojo in Japan before and since the official separation if I am correct. He did not intend to go off and create his own style at first. This happened because of politics imho.

This is not about me. I love Tomiki's approach and cross train and share ideas with instructors from all styles and systems, promoting harmony and understanding between styles and systems. My only point was that those in the Aikikai who hold onto Ueshiba M.'s statement about competition (and use it as an excuse to exclude other groups and encourage division) are among those who are actually opposing his vision of Aikido as a force of harmony.

If the diverse practitioners of Aikido who hold lineage to Ueshiba M. cannot harmonize with each other, how could they hope to manifest even a small part of Ueshiba M.'s vision for Aikido as a means to unite all of humanity?

I'll say again however, this is not the case with all people. There are some who do not let that misunderstanding between Ueshiba M. and Tomiki or anyone else get in the way of some very good training and learning from different perspectives.

In the spirit of harmony


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