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Re: Starting to burn......out! I hope not

I have also had those feelings as well. For me though, I know it is because i have too many things going on right now and need to prioritize things. I do agree that te people i train with in aikido are like family therefore i have chosen to take November off of training and join them one training night a week after class for casual conversation and drinks. This allows me to keep that connection with the people at the dojo but also gives me the urge to go back ... makes me miss it at the same time. With my stressful life at the moment, I know i need this time but i am also looking forward to returning. All this said, I will take the time i need to "unwind" before returning. My advice it to take a step back, and take some time off. See if you miss it at all. This might help you decide if it is a matter of boredom or overworking. Hope my similar experience helps you choose a path. Salut


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