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Re: Starting to burn......out! I hope not

My experience has been never go to class and train with a head full of troubles. When in practice and your head isn't right, suck the motivation right out of you. Also it isn't as enjoyable as when your troubles are not so heavy.

If your in a dojo that is supportive of these things you mentioned, the stuff your going though then it is good to go to class and get that support to stay motivated, and stuff.

The other school of thought is to keep going to class, keep training and over-time and it will help you sort it all out. That goes without saying having a supportive dojo. The idea is in time your motivation will come back. Because it is an ebb and flow thingy.

I think because Aikido is a long road, motivation is something you might be dealing with though out your Aikido training, it an ever re-occurring hurdle.

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