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Re: Greetings from Iran

Thanks all!

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Hello and welcome Sina; can you tell us something about the lineage of Aikido in Iran?
Shihan Asghar Karazad (The founder of Jyu-Aikido) who was a well known Judo & Karate Master in Iran was also familiar with Aikido and trained under Japanese masters like Shihan Masuda in 1974 and for a while later in 1977 when Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu came to introduce Aikido in Iran. He was also trained by Shihan Yasuo Kobayashi. He learned Aikido Techniques to the 5th dan rank in that time, studied various styles of Aikido and benefitted from Japanese Masters who came to visit and introduce Aikido in Iran (being Shihan Gozo Shioda, Shihan Wada Akira , etc.). After some demonstrations with the presense of the Japanese masters, he was the first one who opened an Aikido Class in Iran and started teaching Aikido under Iranian's Judo Federation. Since then he continued learning and teaching Aikido. Some years later, other Iranians went to train in Japan, got some dan ranks and came back founding their own schools of Aikido in Iran, while having no Japanese recommendation or permission to start an Aikido Class. In 1998, Sensei AhmadAli Aghsaghloo came back to Iran after 11 years of Aikido practice in Japan with the 3rd dan rank and official representation from Aikikai. Whitin these years, a guy named Ali Maroufi also appeared (with 1st dan from Japan, getting his 2nd dan sending his test video to japan with sincere recommendations of sensei Naghiyi in Iran to Akira Shihan) and then he claimed himself as the Aikido founder in Iran!!! and started cheating on aikido practitioners using vast propaganda. This was the real beginning of a bitter story in Iran's Aikido Society and the story is not finished yet!

Masakatsu Agatsu
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