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Marc Abrams
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Re: Aikido attacks.

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Marc. We have a different thought process. I answer straight but when my answer is not accepted I am asked to explain. When I explain I'm accused of evasive. One thing missing here? Yes, I already answered but you or someone don't accept it. What can I say? Some well informed people don't accept what I say. That's not evasive on my part.

My problem, (although not really a problem to me) is that I do give straight answers that well-informed people disagree with or don't believe, therefore it is my honesty and straightforwardness that appears to be a problem for others from my perspective.

With regards to creating a dynamic as you put it is one thing I have found happens on this type of place ie: forum. You say there is a consequence to that and it equals therefore I must do this or do that as people are now interested in 'who is this charachter? or some such.' That is all new to me.

I think it's very easy to understand my views on the matter but once again find a certain few not accepting what I say. Well, that's a dead end for there's nothing more to say to such people.

Finally, applauding my meeting with Mark. I appreciate the sentiment but I have always been open to meet anyone if the purpose is reasonable and not some bravado thing.


If your perspective is not being reflected back to you by this community (which is the case here) then I think you might want to consider recalibrating what you are doing. Another issue that you seem to create is that when people do not agree with you, you dismiss what they say while propping up your position. Now, a lot of the people who have been providing you feedback have far more experience and knowledge than both you and I. It would go along way for you to be open to be wrong and misguided when faced with information that is far more informed than what you bring to bear. If you are not interested in recalibrating your thoughts based upon the feedback from others, then maybe you should stick to blogs.

If you are always open to meeting anyone if the purpose is reasonable and not some bravado thing, then I look forward to hearing from both you and Dan Harden about your upcoming meeting with him. You will be pleasantly surprised about the utter lack of bravado you will experience when you and Dan work out together. I was concerned about that very thing myself when I met Dan for the first time and was so happy to find a sincere, caring person who was so open to experiencing what we did and thought and shared openly as well.

Marc Abrams
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