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Marc Abrams
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Re: Aikido attacks.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
It seems blatantly obvious to me. Are you saying he is a real Sensei?
Danny Da Costa Timeline As of May 2010

Danny da Costa has acheived 6th Dan Judo, 5th Dan Aikido (awarded May 2010), Founder Shinjido and over 50 years experience in martial arts, 20 years Area Champion and Team Captain.
Photo Above on the mat at High Wycombe Judo Centre. From left: Ray Stevens (Olympic silver medalist), Neil Adams (MBE, World Champion, double Silver Olympic medalist and Britain's most successful Judo fighter) and Shinjido inventor Danny Da Costa.

1956 British Schoolboys Senior Boxing Champion every bout won by K.O.
1958 Joined the British Judo Association.
1964 Gained Black 1st Dan beat 8 opponents in succession by full ippon.
1966 Ranked number 1 British Judo Light Weight, commenced a 10 year period as
British International, winning many international matches.
1968 Won my first British Open
1974 Won my last British Open
European Silver Medallist - at the age of 33.
1976 Appointed Western Area Judo Coach, established 4 centres of excellence.
1980 Commenced studies with Geoff Gleason - Britain's first professional National Coach.
1997 Gained Aikido 1st Dan
2002 (April) awarded 6th Dan Judo
2002 World Master's Judo Champion winning every contest by ippon.
2003 Specialist coach for Plymouth Albion Rugby Club
2004 After 15 years of study promoted to 4th Dan Aikido and authorised to develop
newaza (groundwork) for the Shin Gi Tai Aikido Association.
2005 Introduced Shinjido principles for mat competition and developed new techniques.
May 2010 promoted to 5th Dan Aikido

Shinjido is based on sound principles. It was designed for fighting as opposed to sport Judo. It could be readily tailored for MMA use and add another dimension to this growing sport.

I don't know Graham, you tell me if he is a real Sensei. Then again, what does that have to do with you posting information that is not true and you do nothing to indicate that the information is not true. Would you now like to acknowledge that you were not being honest, humor or not?

Marc Abrams
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