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John A Butz
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Re: The Truth about Violence

Might I recomend that folks interested in some of the psychology of why people find it so hard to remove themselves from violent situations, and the general societal mindset of violence, check out "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin DeBecker?

I found this to be a fascinating and incredibly interesting look at how society conditions us to treat violence (domestic, sexual predation, even assasination and sudden criminal violence) in certain ways, how we misconcieve of what the real indicators of violence are due to societal conditioning, and how we discount our own intuition. The book absolutely changed how I view violence and how I view the victims of violence, specifically folks in abusive situations,the survivors, and even the abusers and perpetrators of violent acts.

I think it is a must-read for everyone, to be honest. The issues DeBecker touches on are very germane to this thread, and specifcly to Mr. Flatley's statements about how people should be easily able to recognize a bad situation and get out of it with just a little common sense. I used to hold a similar view, but as I learn more about the realities of these things, I must say that the issues are far more complex than outside observers might think that they are.
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