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Re: Ukemi and Dizziness

I read an interview once of a respected proponent of a style that involved a lot of kicking, particularly spinning kicks. The interviewer asked him how he avoided becoming dizzy. The reply was, "You don't. You just learn not to mind it."

Dizziness doesn't have to result from some kind of disorder that can be cured, and it isn't a defect to be overcome. It's the body's natural response to external and internal cues telling you that you're not "properly" oriented. It's possible that the physiology changes over time -- that someone like an aviator or an astronaut eventually undergoes some kind of physiological change that makes the reaction less severe. What I think is more likely, though, or at least is a much larger factor, is a psychological one, where you don't expect to not feel the feeling, you just keep on doing what you're doing. You still feel the feeling of disorientation, and at first you also feel the psychological feeling of "oh no this is wrong!!!" feeling, but you don't stop your action. Over time, I think you can develop the ability to tell yourself, "Yup, I'm head over heels, and that's ok." The physiological reaction is still just learn not to mind it.
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