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Gernot Hassenpflug
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Re: On Talking About Internal Training

I'm reading this thread after hearing about it from a fellow member at training, and after some chatting about training and how our minds work.

I think I can see that "IHTBF" is simply an acknowledgement that "reasoning" and "reality" are two different things. If one wants to experience reality, and then reason about future reality, then IHTBF.

In the same manner, practice without explanations and reasoning serves this purpose: while simultaneously the person needs to feel the reality---because the objective is a very deep realization of the body ("ninshiki" in Japanese).

By this process, both a body frame and a sensory network are built in conjunction with one another, giving the tools whereby reality can be experienced and "blended" with instantaneously, without a gap caused by reasoning (which only serves to fill the void of uncertainty caused by an inability to adapt to reality while experiencing it, without making any productive contribution).

Reasoning has its uses, particularly in areas which are not directly experiencable, as has been pointed out here with examples of magnetic fields, etc. This avoids the point that reasoning is not useful in the situations in which we are find it necessary to apply our bujutsu.
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