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I think Edward was being a little contrary in his post. If I remember correctly he has only recently been playing with the big boys - can't blame him for trying to fill his cup as quickly as possible. I can understand his frustration and expect in time he will give back us much or more than he got out of his seniors. There is also a point where training with beginners has distinct advantages - but you have to be ready for that.

Far more dangerous animal is the 5th Kyu Shihan.

Originally posted by virginia_kyu
I find it amazing that someone could be so selfish as to gain his experience with the generous time of more experienced students then deny it to those beginners who come after him.

I think Edward should be forced to train with only beginners for the next 6 months.

There is no reason a beginner should have to feel bad for training with more experienced students. I am a beginner and I certainly don't feel guilty about it, and when I have years of experience I will be glad to help anyone who needs it.

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