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Marc Abrams
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Re: Ron Paul on President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
You know, Marc, making that statement isn't really saying much!

This statement reflects a common and very significant misunderstanding of Dr. Paul's foreign policy. He sees the world as interconnected and that is precisely why he wants to work in a truly "cooperative manner." Accomplishing this by opening lines of trade, travel, and information, not by imposing our will, or the will of the UN, in what he likes to call nation building.

When people use the word "cooperative" in the context in which you used it, they often mean "by government decree," which is not cooperative. It is by force.

I find that the majority of modern liberals and conservatives actually like the power of big government. They just want their people in wielding it. They view the people in charge as the problem. Some of us, on the other hand, believe that the power itself is the problem. That's a concept that will never become outdated.

Your perception of Dr. Paul as the most honorable politician is simply without foundation, so my comment did say it all.

I am well read on your favorite politician's theories, philosophies, ideas... I find them cleverly worded ways to get around having to rely on a functional and strong government. Trade, business,.... is simply no way to work on a government level. It is replacing businesses for government. If you think that big government is bad, then just look at how some huge, international conglomerate businesses have given the shaft to many people in many countries, all in the name of profit.

This may seem alien to you, but in absence of no governments, governments should be the entities that do negotiate with one another. I would frankly want a strong government rather than stronger businesses. History has shown us that when businesses are stronger than the countries that they operate in, bad things happen to the citizens.

Marc Abrams
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