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Marc Abrams
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Re: Ron Paul on President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
Behold the most honorable American politician in history.

This kind of wisdom and intelligence is rare, but coming from a politician it is almost shocking.
The most honorable American politician in history ?

We all can acknowledge that we live in an interconnected, international society, yet there are those who suppose that we can somehow not work on an international scale in a cooperative manner. I respect Mr. Paul's sincerity of beliefs, but I simply look at them as outdated and totally impractical in today's society.

I think that most level-headed people (and that excludes those that seem to think that President Obama can do no wrong and those that think that President Obama can do no right) that the Nobel Peace Prize was a "knee-jerk" reaction to the positive (my opinion) position taken in which America is once again wanting to be a partner with other countries in the world in addressing world issues. The Bush administration took the approach of choosing a direction, regardless of ally opinions. If they could not bully an alliance, then they found ways of punishing those countries and organizations that did not tag along as grossly unequal partners.

Seen from this perspective, I look at this award as having diminished the importance of awarding this great honor to those who had already made real changes that have positively impacted our world. This award does point out CLEARLY to any American with an open-mind and world view how important it is to the rest of the countries in this world, that we be seen as a true partner, rather than a petty bully.

Our country is hurting in many areas. People who seem to believe that working to fix our country without having to work in a genuinely cooperative manner with other countries (like the last administration) have their heads stuck in the past and this type of ignorance will not help us to try and right problems that have both international ramifications and internationally-based solutions.

Marc Abrams
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