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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 15

Ludwig Neveu wrote: View Post

In a way, aikido lends itself to that sort of enterprise because, as Ellis Amdur said it a few days ago in another context, it has one foot in the past (traditional martial arts of Japan) and one in the present (and future perhaps). Koryu teaching includes a system of layered release of information, determined by the advancement in the ryu and generally keeping a low profile on the outside. On the other hand, in aikido everything is before us : the films of O Sensei and his students, the writings, the interviews, etc. What is necessary though is a method to assemble information and organise it in a way that can be useful to us aikido students.
Hello Ludwig,

I agree to some extent with what you state, but would also suggest quite strongly that there is an omote and ura to aikido that is not restricted to the classification of waza. I realized this before I came to live in Japan and much of my time here has been spent in discovering this.

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