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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I see the value in breaking habits, but I'd choose something other than my keys and phone to practice with

(because, see, I've done that...)
Dear Mary,
With the exception of women in a nunnery/monks in a monastery I usually find that people rarely change their habits.Very difficult to change ones basic nature.Anyway for myself I like devouring creamy doughnuts ,supping gin and tonics.Who wants to eat[for example ] cardboard food /drink smoothies just to lose a spare tyre?Life would not be worth living without the odd vice or two.Unless you have some mean streak[eg stealing candy bars of school kids , putting foreign coins in the church collection plate ,a bad habit has its good points.Nowadays my missus only talks to me to chastise
and whinge to me about my own bad habits.Cheers, Joe
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