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Originally posted by njnoexit
Never run away from any kind of challenge

now after reading that and seeing the results of the poles.... is there somthing I am missing here?
Hello Adrain,

Yes, I do believe you are missing something must apply this 'philosophy' based on the context of the situation.

If you're in the dojo, and are challenged to prove the effectiveness of a particular technique, or aikido as an art itself, then I feel you must/might address the challenge (...again, it all depends on the context of the challenge - challenger).

BUT, if you're attacked out in the street, particulary by someone weilding a weapon, this is a self defense situation ...and in my humble opinion, if you do the have the opportunity to turn & run, yet decide to stand & fight, you've made a grave mistake! ( pun intended!!!)

Also, depending which state you happen to be in, laws concerning 'self defense' are very specific. Some states REQUIRE you to run away if you have the opportunity to do so; and practically every state removes your right to self defense if you're engaging in combat by agreement (aka: a fight!). The bottom line is that you're going to end up in jail if you attempt to defend 'aikido' against a challenge!

If you are interested in looking into your states statutes concerning self defense, try this website to get you started:

...just my 2 cents worth!

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