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Re: how do we define martial?

Bernd - As you probably know, I do think that there is/was, within aikido, a very real system of accessing principles of movement, power and control of oneself or another. I am not sure that there is really a system of "strategy" unique to aikido, particularly when it comes to people en masse. One can look at Sun Tzu and assert, that's aikido principles applied to war, but in fact, it would, in that case, be more accurate to assert regarding aikido, "that's Sun Tzu, applied to the individual"

Yannis, it seems to you were referencing me in some fashion. Most of the allusions you made, however, regarding scholars, authorities, koryu practitioners, writers of books, etc. are not positions I hold, so if you are referring to me, you are not referring to me.

Ellis Amdur

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