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Re: how do we define martial?

Thanks Yannis, I like that post very much.

When I started martial arts I had read many books on the subject and was enthralled by the stories of Musashi and zen masters and Bruce Lee and 'The Cat' and various masters and their philosophies and histories of this and that. Ghengis Khan, Templar Knights, Old English Kings etc. etc.

I was going to be a samurai, I was going to be a zen Master, I was going to be a Bruce Lee, I was going to be a warrior. Then I came across Aikido. Prior to that all I had read by the experts was true. After that I found why I was attracted to Aikido. Suddenly I found myself doing one where you had to face yourself. Woah....a whole new ball game. Suddenly Martial took on a whole new meaning. So there I was studying something that was based around weapons which had very little actually to do with weapons. Yet to learn it you had to do it as I had previously believed but from a totally different viewpoint.

That alone was like a mini enlightenment and quite astounding to me at the time. It meant all those considered experts were so was I.

So even now, so many years later, when I read certain things all it does is remind me of how I used to see it.

It's all good. I have no complaints about others views. I believe being focused and sincere is top quality and fun but being serious is death.

Needing to be a bit more diplomatic with my views may well be the case, maybe I'm too martial with them.

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