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Chris Evans
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Re: Aikido for MMA?

thank you for the information that lead me to this interesting site:
By Rik Ellis

I am a MMA / Aikido Cage Fighter..."

I'm interested in a local (Berkeley/Oakland) Aikido dojo that can integrate karate-do practices: Be able to work with kicks and punches (& their defenses) in an Aikido dojo. I think I can keep up with karate and attend an Aikido dojo about 3+ times per week.

They're plenty of karate-ka that pursue "delusional" karate for comfort and for health only (which is fine), but, if you're lucky, you can find enough advanced students that want to learn complete, a more truthful and practical, karate in some dojo: I assume Aikido to be the same, human nature being reliable, that they're Aikido dojo with some Aikido-ka that will work with "sharing" pain and managing fear, from "pressure" testing.

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