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Re: Neuro Plasticity and Aikido

Guillaume Erard wrote: View Post
I was looking up the scientific literature a while ago as I was interested to find out whether martial arts, particularly kata, had anything specific to bring to the table in terms of neurobiological and cognitive development. I am afraid not much has come up so far, which is pretty worrying when we consider the claims that some martial art schools make on that regard.
Dear Guillaume,
I cannot comment on Karate but as far asJudo is concerned there is now a groundswell of U.K judoka concentrating on the various Kata within Judo .My former Judo training partner Bob Thomas 8th Dan is a Senior Kata Instructor.I would assume that if Kata had no value or offered zero returns the practice of Katas would have been made redundant.Why would anyone want to train at anything if there was no returns on the investment of time and energy.Cheers, Joe
Ps I assume your good lady is now fully recovered from her ill health??
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