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Re: Neuro Plasticity and Aikido

Very interesting video. I see Aikido as having core skills - whatever they are - that actually make it easier to go off and learn other martial arts. At least, that has been my exerience. What that means, in reverse, is that people studying Karate or Judo have learned something that makes it more difficult to learn Aikido. I have many times seen absolute beginers learn faster than experienced Karateka or Judoka. It seems as if what they have learned prevents them from learning whereas what we learn in Aikido helps you go to learn their arts more efficiently. If those Karateka and Judoka stick it out they will tend to learn faster ... just not in the bginning. Of course, this will not be true for everyone, but that's just what I have seen and how it worked for me. Not quite the same point as in the video ... but one the same track. But as to the original post - I believe that if you have learned one martial art well, it ought to help you learn new techniques quickly. If not, you really have to be suspicious of the value of what you have learned because at the end of the day we are all learning fighting arts. Each art should, following common sense, be far more similar than the two extremely 'opposite' bicycles in the video.

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