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Re: Neuro Plasticity and Aikido

Nice discussion,

For me I feel this is always a part of my learning and improving Aikido, not just due to changing styles. As I learn I find I am continually taking steps backwards in order to improve, its not just a matter of progressively adding to my skills but discarding some an learning a new. For example I'm generally stronger than most of my uke's so I might be using a bit of strength here or there making the technique "work", but I don't necessarily recognize it as strength it feels right and it becomes part of my technique for 10 years. Unfortunately that cheat (as I like to call them when I find them in myself) stops me from getting that result in a more subtle or decisive way. So when I recognise it or its pointed out to me I then need to unlearn it and re-learn part of the technique.

I don't see this as bad, I see it as growing my aikido, having the ability to take stock and edit out habits that may "work" but hinder progress. If you do techniques at sandan as you did at nidan and at nidan as shodan and shodan as 3rd kyu etc. where did you stop growing? I think neuro plasticity is a way to avoid dead ends my training and continually improve (albeit with some backwards steps).
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