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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Do We Know What Aikido Truly Is?

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
I would not agree with "technology" -- in the way he either stated it or demonstrated it -- much to the frustration of many who want there to be much more of an "owner's manual" or under-the-hood approach to physical principles or actions, and much less so in my eyes for the psycho-spiritual aspects.
I wrote "technology of the self", as in

As a context, we must understand that there are four major types of these "technologies," each a matrix of practical reason: (I) technologies of production, which permit us to produce, transform, or manipulate things; (2) technologies of sign systems, which permit us to use signs, meanings, symbols, or signification; (3) technologies of power, which determine the conduct of individuals and submit them to certain ends or domination, an objectivizing of the subject; (4) technologies of the self, which permit individuals to effect by their own means or with the help of others a certain number of operations on their own bodies and souls, thoughts, conduct, and way of being, so as to transform themselves in order to attain a certain state of happiness, purity, wisdom, perfection, or immortality.
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