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Re: Do We Know What Aikido Truly Is?

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
I do not know what aikido is.

However, I believe aikido is a technology of the self developed by Ueshiba Morihei, built on both martial techniques derived mostly from DRAJJ and religious/spiritual techniques derived from a personal mix of japanese mithology, Oomoto cosmology and kotodama.

Considering this, I do not do aikido.
Hi Demetrio

So do you think that in order to do Aikido a student must duplicate in detail the training regimen and life style that O Sensei practiced? Accordingly, can you point to anyone who does Aikido? Does this extend to other martial arts as well? If I claim to practice Kyokushinkai Karate must I emulate Mas Oyama's life style in every detail? Do I actually have to go out and kill bulls with my bare hands?

I'm wondering if we need to be that rigid in what constitutes the practice of Aikido.



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