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Keith Larman
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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

Good, lord, after reading some of these wise, warm and fuzzy posts of infinite understanding and overall goodness I get the urge to start rubbing patchouli into my nipples and chant with positive energy for everyone...

Oh. Sorry, the urge is gone. Back to my normal obviously less evolved self.

Character assassination? Are you kidding? When he either lied intentionally to get the training or broke his promise and started teaching without permission he basically committed character suicide. Then to go on-line and talk about his him teaching his new style with all those qualifications of honest to god kyu ranks? Wow.

That thar be a self-inflicted wound.

Sometimes all you should do is point and say "Hey, dude, that's just wrong." Because it is.

So... Tenyu. Dude. That's just wrong.

Now what the hell is patchouli anyway...

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