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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Graham, you walk a dangerous path suggesting that only a person herself blameless in life ought to have a personal code of ethics she applies to self and others. That would seem to preclude ever saying "Yamei! This is just wrong!" or taking a principled public stand on any side of an issue.
Janet. Sounds spooky. A dangerous path eh?
Never mentioned blameless or that one should be a saint before saying anything.
That does remind me of that religious saying about 'don't judge lest you be judged' though. Or even people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Those kind of sayings ask us to look at ourselves as much as we look at another and say about others......... Well you work it out.
So let me clarify. I precluded that if we want to use integrity, honour, as a reason to be against then we must do it in an honourable way.
Say it straight to the person concerned if it's about your view on him in a way that communicates to him.
' Tenyu, I think you are too young and too inexperienced to start your own style.'
'Tenyu, I think it would be best for you if you contact your old teacher first before you set up.'
'Tenyu, I find it quite unacceptable you saying you taught sensei reid anything, could you explain?'
'Tenyu, well done and good luck.'

Direct, they could also have your reasoning attatched. It's not hard to do.
There's no honour in using things like snake oil salesman or thinly disguised blah blah. It's childish and only reflects on the person who says it not on the person being spoken about.
This is what I mean, this is also my humble opinion.
I offered my own personal conclusion which was for him to clear up the disagreement with the teacher concerned first. That would be an honourable, albeit hard thing to do. That's how I see it.
Is this dangerous? Is pointing out the pluses along with the negatives dangerous?
You don't have to look up the word honour and say about this context or that context, you just have to observe honourable men and women of the past and see if they chose sarcasm, tittle tattle, name calling or other childish behaviour.
Using the fact that there are people on this forum of great experience and many many years of training and gaining respect as a back up to attack someone is cowardly in my opinion.(not saying you do this by the way) I only give as an example of arrogance for those people referred to are quite capable of saying what they want to say, if indeed anything. I guarantee if they did it would be considered and not reactionary.
So integrity and honour does matter and is reflected in the way a person communicates also. Is this dangerous? Is this holier than thou? Are you still my friend? (heh, heh.)
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