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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

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When people who have very high opinions of themselves but are terrified of examining themselves critically are fed a lot of comfy cotton-candy feedback, and encouraged to not look at that scary old face in the mirror, you can sometimes get a good politician or stage performer, but you never ever get a good martial artist.
For sure, however we should also consider if everyone who is passing juzguement about Tenyu (positive or negative, it really doesn't matter) have deeply examined themselves. Are we using with him the same standards we use for ourselves? Are we sure we are not politicians or stage performers too? Are we bandwagoning against him (or supporting him) because some obscure reason we do not want to address or for reasons we do not dare to make in public?
Folks saying things like "oh this is just like O Sensei and Bruce Lee" or "who are we to judge him, leave it up to the courts to decide" should really consider how harmful what you are saying could be to somebody like Tenyu whose ego is engaged in a running battle with reality.
Then he is as "ego driven" and disconnected of reality as O Sensei or Bruce Lee were when they decided to break the conventions and do what they considered appropriate. Only with time and deep knowledge about both Aikibojutsu and Aikibodo we could tell objectively and aseptically if Tenyu is a genius, a full of it plagiarian or something in the middle.
We don't really know if he is as crazy as he looks and how being a hamoned student of Read Sensei can lead us, even inconsciously, to consider both him and his version of aikibojutsu style worthless.
If you are trying to show compassion to the guy, you aren't really doing it by comparing him to Jigoro Kano and helping him quibble around his recent failures of character and integrity. He's got an opportunity to grow here but the sugarcoating is going to work against him.
It is no sugarcoating, is asking for not applying double standards. He has character flaws, lacks integrity, lacks honour… as if in the budo world everyone, including the most respected style founders and masters, is a shining example of virtue, good behaviour and moral integrity.
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